Controlling our own path for growth

Pacificans are militant about controlling the path of growth for their City. For years, developers have been trying to build big projects in the quarry. At every turn, the citizens of Pacifica have rejected their proposals stating that it was just too big a project. Several years ago, Measure E (a smaller project than the proposal that is before us now) was defeated almost 2 to 1. That is a strong statement which indicates Pacificans do not want big development in their City. Why won't the developers listen to the citizens of Pacifica? We live and work here and know what's best for our community.

Mr. Peebles purchased a piece of property in our town and is now trying to sell us on his "vision" of what our City should look like. Being a successful developer, Mr. Peebles knew he was able to purchase this piece of land so cheaply because his predecessors have been unsuccessful in developing their "oversized visions" in the quarry. Pacificans want a say in the future of their City and we have repeatedly said that we do not want big development. Small development is not Mr. Peebles' "vision" because he won't make the profits he expects with small development. He doesn't want what's best for Pacifica; he wants what's best for his bottom line.

Take a drive over the hill to the Orchard Supply Hardware on Gellert and look at the development that is going up across the street. Is that the "vision" Pacificans want for the quarry? I think not.

I would prefer to see no development in the quarry at all, but knowing that is unrealistic, I would be open to supporting development on a smaller scale. Mr. Peebles, come back with a proposal that the people of Pacifica envision for themselves and maybe you'll get a yes vote.

Nancy Munroe

The above was printed as a Letter to the Editor in the October 25th, 2006 Pacifica Tribune, and is republished here with the author's permission.

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