Redevelopment Area

General Plan and LCP of Quarry

The1986 General Plan and Local Coastal Plan of the Quarry

Quarry and Redevelopment

You will see a lot of talk about the financial benefit of development in the quarry. But because the quarry is in a redevelopment area (RDA), there are limits to how that money can be spent.

What is a Redevelopment Area?

Via the California Redevelopment Association:

A redevelopment agency is a separate public body that reports to the local governing body of a community, and either the city council or county board of supervisors. The California Community Redevelopment Law (CRL) provides that any county or city can establish a redevelopment agency by the action of its governing body.

Election Code section 9212

Full text of Election Code section 9212.

(a) During the circulation of the petition, or before taking either action described in subdivisions (a) and (b) of Section 9214, or Section 9215, the legislative body may refer the proposed initiative measure to any city agency or agencies for a report on any or all of the following:

The Quarry in 1989

Photograph by Bob Pilgrim

Pacifica Quarry Redevelopment in Pictures

Here is what the "quarry" looks like today:

Pacifica Quarry from Shelldance Perspective: Photograph by Bob PilgrimPacifica Quarry: Photograph by Bob Pilgrim

Redevelopment Tax Diversion

The Quarry petition falsely claims that the development will:

... generate millions of dollars in new property and hotel tax revenue that can be used to help pay for vital city services, including needed funding for schools, police and fire,

Peebles begins converting hotel "suites" into condos

Peebles Atlantic Development Corporation has begun converting an 80-room hotel into 72 2-bedroom, 2.5-bath ultra-luxury condominium villas. The former hotel suites will sell for $1.7 million each.

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