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"Perception is Reality"

I moved to Pacifica because it was a sleepy coastal community, which I really enjoy. I always hoped it would stay that way. It shocked me to read in the Pacifica Tribune in May that a Florida developer was going to have a series of Charrettes about the quarry. I could tell right off the bat that Peebles and the people that work for him were going to be using slick, deceptive politics, which don't work here in Pacifica.


I received a slick little postcard in the mail Aug. 3. The postcard said to join us to share thoughts on a vision for Rockaway Quarry. The card didn't mention who us was. I assume it is from Florida Peebles and his gang hanging out here in Pacifica. What bill of goods is Peebles trying to sell Pacificans now? What kind of wool is he trying to pull over our eyes now? He had to be deceptive, and had to pay people to get names on his petitions. He couldn't even do that in an honest manner. Sorry, Florida Peebles money doesn't impress me and I can't be bought. Pacificans beware. If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

No to Quarry Housing

I have lived in Pacifica for many years. I have walked through the Quarry many, many times noticing the San Francisco Garter Snake, hearing the frogs, seeing the Red Foxes and recently on the top of the trail looking down at Linda Mar Beach I saw a coyote. I have recently talked to people from other areas and coutnries who also feel like the Quarry is a beautiful area.

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