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In Defense of Pacifica

Is there anything you pro-quarry development people like about your city of Pacifica? Mr. Peebles and the pro peebs corp. seem to be very condescending about our city at most of these meetings and with the letters you write in. I have attended all the so-called Charrettes and meetings and there are many insulting things being said about our city. One of the things that has been said time and time again is hardly no one even knows where Pacifica is; people just drive through here on the way to the better cities (that is an untrue statement by the way a lot people come here and spend money and time here) like Half Moon Bay and they stay at the so-called better hotels like the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton.

The Corporation

I have a suggestion to all of my fellow citizens of Pacifica; you should watch a documentary called "The Corporation" by Jennifer Abbott & Mark Achbars.

So Silly

It is so silly that some people (and thankfully, it seems to be a small percentage of them) do not seem to want the truth. The pro Peebles people seem to say, "let's welcome anyone to our city with any plans that sound good; and here is the key to our city". As responsible citizens, we need to do our homework and research, then try to figure out the truth.

Traffic Solutions

We need to concentrate on our already available resources. We already have a town center this is Sharp Park, when you look at our city Sharp Park is pretty close to the center. Is this not why our town hall plus one of the two libraries that we have is there as well as our Fog Fest?

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