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"He's dead in the water"

On March 6th, 2005, Tribune Editor Chris Hunter is quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, warning:

"And if he [Peebles] comes here and says he wants to build 300 houses, he's dead in the water."

The Planning Process

PTT is fighting Measure L because we believe that Pacifica should have a say in how its future will be determined. Many of the problems Pacifica now has are a result of bad decisions made during the 40s and 50s by San Mateo County. Back then, there was no local planning commission or department familiar with Pacifica's unique geography. As a result, Pacifica was overbuilt in regards to Highway One's traffic capacity. Unfortunately, some undeveloped parts of Pacifica are zoned buildable. The Quarry is the largest and most centrally located. Several large parcels along Fassler Ave. have started the public planning process, while paper streets in Rockaway Canyon, Vallemar, and East Sharp Park are also being targeted for development.

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