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Spare the Air

It is no secret that we have better air than our smog-filled neighbors to the north and east. However, it is a misconception that smog doesn't exist here on the coast. The main ingredient in smog is Nitrogen Oxide. These toxic gases are released mostly from the fuel-burning engines in cars and trucks. I've read that 17,500 additional car trips a day will be added from the Peebles Corporation proposal. Does this number include the massive number of delivery trucks for the hotel and all of those stores or is this just the total result from the 355 housing units? The more that traffic clogs our roads and highways the worse our air will be.

There's No Plan

Mr. Peebles can promise you anything imaginable if that is what it takes to win your vote. The fact of the matter is that there is NO PLAN! The only thing we will be voting on is 355 Housing units. The Peebles Corporation will have no obligation to propose a mixed use project nor fulfill his promises to you. Also, there is nothing that would prevent this corporation from proposing a plan with 355 single detached houses if this measure passes. Why would anyone vote in this blank check without a plan in place to ensure we are guaranteeed what we are promised and deserve?!

Rising Oceans, Sinking Feeling

Disappearing Beach: Rockaway Beach has been divided in the middle due to previous development.   In order to 'save' coastal developments sea walls are constructed.  As the oceans rise the beach is essentailly drowned and we lose out.  Why should we sacrifice even more of Rockwaay Beach for any develepment so close to our coast?A local environmental reporter recently wrote an article in the San Mateo County Times about the rising oceans and problems we will be facing in the future because of them. As you know the Quarry rests on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and will be threatened by the rising seas.

California Endangered Species Act

SECTION 2050-2068

What is ESHA?

Under the Coastal Act, section 30107.5 defines an environmentally sensitive area as follows:

[A]ny area in which plant or animal life or their habitats are either rare or especially valuable

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