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Over a million reasons to vote NO ON L

Update 10/27/06: It's actually $1,310,384. Wow, indeed.

867,187 more reasons to vote No on Measure L. Is Pacifica for sale to the highest bidder from Miami? From Jan. 1 through Sept. 30, the Yes campaign to build 355 housing units on the Rockaway Quarry reported spending 4867,187. Clearly, Mr. Peebles is trying to buy the election. Who knows how much more, well over $1 million, is to come.

Under Attack

Clearly, our community is under attack again. This is not the first time that an out-of-town developer has proffered a scheme for radical change through overdevelopment of open land. We seem to be a target for those characters, whose ideas are so far out of the well-established mainstream of Pacifica thought.

Snake Oil

Some thoughts while stuck in traffic on snake-oil covered pavement.

So, Pacifica commuters, now that you're once again inching your way along Highway 1, consider this. After Labor Day, when vacation season is over and the kids are travelling back to school, the commute will get tougher.

Beware Fool's Gold

Beware of fool's gold! Florida developer Don Peebles is frantically trying to woo voters into supporting his huge 355-housing unit project. He is darting from group to group in our community promising all sorts of goodies -- anything that will get their support and votes.

South Florida Developer Gathers Signatures To Build 355 Houses and Condos At The Rockaway Quarry

It's no surprise, folks. By not mentioning the 355 housing units he wants to build, or the terrible commute traffic problems this would create, developer Don Peebles' hirelings collected 4,850 signatures for his awful Rockaway Quarry project. The surprise is that he only collected that number of signatures.

What's So Complicated?

355! Now what's so complicated about that number? Have you noticed that boosters of Mr. Peebles' Quarry Development plan carefully refuse to mention in their Letters to the Editor that there will be 355 housing units in Peeblesville? That's 355 units and all the rush hour traffic they will add to Highway 1 from a whole new neighborhood.

Come on, kids, repeat after me — "355, 355, 355." That's what Pacificans will be voting on — 355 residential units. Forget all those goodies talked about in the charrette charade. They are a mirage.

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