In Defense of Pacifica

Is there anything you pro-quarry development people like about your city of Pacifica? Mr. Peebles and the pro peebs corp. seem to be very condescending about our city at most of these meetings and with the letters you write in. I have attended all the so-called Charrettes and meetings and there are many insulting things being said about our city. One of the things that has been said time and time again is hardly no one even knows where Pacifica is; people just drive through here on the way to the better cities (that is an untrue statement by the way a lot people come here and spend money and time here) like Half Moon Bay and they stay at the so-called better hotels like the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton.

The Planning Process

PTT is fighting Measure L because we believe that Pacifica should have a say in how its future will be determined. Many of the problems Pacifica now has are a result of bad decisions made during the 40s and 50s by San Mateo County. Back then, there was no local planning commission or department familiar with Pacifica's unique geography. As a result, Pacifica was overbuilt in regards to Highway One's traffic capacity. Unfortunately, some undeveloped parts of Pacifica are zoned buildable. The Quarry is the largest and most centrally located. Several large parcels along Fassler Ave. have started the public planning process, while paper streets in Rockaway Canyon, Vallemar, and East Sharp Park are also being targeted for development.

The Corporation

I have a suggestion to all of my fellow citizens of Pacifica; you should watch a documentary called "The Corporation" by Jennifer Abbott & Mark Achbars.

Snake Oil

Some thoughts while stuck in traffic on snake-oil covered pavement.

So, Pacifica commuters, now that you're once again inching your way along Highway 1, consider this. After Labor Day, when vacation season is over and the kids are travelling back to school, the commute will get tougher.


I received a slick little postcard in the mail Aug. 3. The postcard said to join us to share thoughts on a vision for Rockaway Quarry. The card didn't mention who us was. I assume it is from Florida Peebles and his gang hanging out here in Pacifica. What bill of goods is Peebles trying to sell Pacificans now? What kind of wool is he trying to pull over our eyes now? He had to be deceptive, and had to pay people to get names on his petitions. He couldn't even do that in an honest manner. Sorry, Florida Peebles money doesn't impress me and I can't be bought. Pacificans beware. If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

Putting the cart before the horse

The "blank check" Measure L on the November ballot is a wonderful example of putting the cart before the horse.

Voting on a housing initiative before there is a concrete plan makes perfect sense from Mr. Peebles' point of view. He doesn't want to spend 2 years doing the hard work of preparing a detailed project plan, getting it approved by the City, and convincing Pacificans it was good for the City, only to have the voters turn it down.

Peeble Beach

South Florida developer Roy Donahue Peebles has said on several public occasions and in print that his "vision" for "the future of Pacifica" is Pebble Beach.

Pebble Beach has no City Council, no representatives, and no democracy. Pebble Beach is a private corporation. It has no public government at all; it is a wholly-owned private fiefdom. Pebble Beach has no citizens, only homeowner's association members and employees.

Spare the Air

It is no secret that we have better air than our smog-filled neighbors to the north and east. However, it is a misconception that smog doesn't exist here on the coast. The main ingredient in smog is Nitrogen Oxide. These toxic gases are released mostly from the fuel-burning engines in cars and trucks. I've read that 17,500 additional car trips a day will be added from the Peebles Corporation proposal. Does this number include the massive number of delivery trucks for the hotel and all of those stores or is this just the total result from the 355 housing units? The more that traffic clogs our roads and highways the worse our air will be.

So Silly

It is so silly that some people (and thankfully, it seems to be a small percentage of them) do not seem to want the truth. The pro Peebles people seem to say, "let's welcome anyone to our city with any plans that sound good; and here is the key to our city". As responsible citizens, we need to do our homework and research, then try to figure out the truth.

The truth is simple

I was disappointed by the tone of some of last weeks' Letters supporting up to 355 houses in the Quarry.

This isn't a battle of Pacificans vs. Pacificans. The enemy is the unacceptably vague ballot measure and the 355 houses and traffic nightmare it would create.

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