Traffic Solutions

We need to concentrate on our already available resources. We already have a town center this is Sharp Park, when you look at our city Sharp Park is pretty close to the center. Is this not why our town hall plus one of the two libraries that we have is there as well as our Fog Fest?

Beware Fool's Gold

Beware of fool's gold! Florida developer Don Peebles is frantically trying to woo voters into supporting his huge 355-housing unit project. He is darting from group to group in our community promising all sorts of goodies -- anything that will get their support and votes.

No to Quarry Housing

I have lived in Pacifica for many years. I have walked through the Quarry many, many times noticing the San Francisco Garter Snake, hearing the frogs, seeing the Red Foxes and recently on the top of the trail looking down at Linda Mar Beach I saw a coyote. I have recently talked to people from other areas and coutnries who also feel like the Quarry is a beautiful area.

There's No Plan

Mr. Peebles can promise you anything imaginable if that is what it takes to win your vote. The fact of the matter is that there is NO PLAN! The only thing we will be voting on is 355 Housing units. The Peebles Corporation will have no obligation to propose a mixed use project nor fulfill his promises to you. Also, there is nothing that would prevent this corporation from proposing a plan with 355 single detached houses if this measure passes. Why would anyone vote in this blank check without a plan in place to ensure we are guaranteeed what we are promised and deserve?!

South Florida Developer Gathers Signatures To Build 355 Houses and Condos At The Rockaway Quarry

It's no surprise, folks. By not mentioning the 355 housing units he wants to build, or the terrible commute traffic problems this would create, developer Don Peebles' hirelings collected 4,850 signatures for his awful Rockaway Quarry project. The surprise is that he only collected that number of signatures.

Rising Oceans, Sinking Feeling

Disappearing Beach: Rockaway Beach has been divided in the middle due to previous development.   In order to 'save' coastal developments sea walls are constructed.  As the oceans rise the beach is essentailly drowned and we lose out.  Why should we sacrifice even more of Rockwaay Beach for any develepment so close to our coast?A local environmental reporter recently wrote an article in the San Mateo County Times about the rising oceans and problems we will be facing in the future because of them. As you know the Quarry rests on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and will be threatened by the rising seas.

Why I joined the Pacifica Today & Tomorrow

I left the May 18th "Charrette" cautiously optimistic about Mr. Peebles and his designs for the Quarry. It sounded too good to be true, so I began doing some "due diligence" on Mr. Peebles, his architect, "Charrettes", and some of the environmental, regulatory, and economic issues with the Quarry property. I collected web links and notes. I started asking around. Peebles seemed to be patient; I expected this would take years to come to a ballot.

California Endangered Species Act

SECTION 2050-2068

What's So Complicated?

355! Now what's so complicated about that number? Have you noticed that boosters of Mr. Peebles' Quarry Development plan carefully refuse to mention in their Letters to the Editor that there will be 355 housing units in Peeblesville? That's 355 units and all the rush hour traffic they will add to Highway 1 from a whole new neighborhood.

Come on, kids, repeat after me — "355, 355, 355." That's what Pacificans will be voting on — 355 residential units. Forget all those goodies talked about in the charrette charade. They are a mirage.

What is ESHA?

Under the Coastal Act, section 30107.5 defines an environmentally sensitive area as follows:

[A]ny area in which plant or animal life or their habitats are either rare or especially valuable

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