Street Protests

Thank You!

Thank you, Pacifica!


Pacifica Today & Tomorrow Co-Chair Karen Rosenstein shares her perspective on today's election.

No on L on the streets-- election night

A strong NO on L presence on the streets, election night. Hope everyone remembered to vote! Clip includes a short interview ith Nancy Hall.

Working people say NO on L

No collective bargaining unit would ever accept empty promises and non-binding "pledges" from management. And they don't.

In the citizens of Pacifica's collective bargaining with Miami high-rise developer R. Donahue Peebles, so far we have no contract, no binding development agreement, nothing.

No plan? No dice.

Working people speak out against empty promises.

Still more election day NO on L

Two more Pacificans point out that 355 houses in the Quarry aren't going to help traffic any.

More Election Day NO on L

More Pacificans come out against 355 houses in the Quarry.

Election day NO on L

Pacificans aren't writing any blank checks.

NO on L, and re-elect Mayor Sue Digre

We congratulate and appreciate Mayor Digre taking such a firm stand against Measure L's blank check.

Remember, Miami high-rise developer R. Donahue Peebles is targeting our City Council for replacement. Support your Council!

Honks, waves, chants: NO ON L!

Pacificans take to the streets to say NO to 355 houses in the Quarry, and the traffic nightmare it would create.
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