The Environment

California Endangered Species Act

SECTION 2050-2068

The Quarry through the years

You can beat Nature down, but you can't keep her down. Watch the Quarry recover before your eyes from a blighted eyesore into pleasing stretch of green, in the years it's been left alone.
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Sierra Club speaks out against Quarry "greenwashing"

Sierra Club isn't fooled by Peebles' "greenwashing"-- neither should you.

He has hired the founder of New Urbanism to create a veil of progressive, green thinking - what we call "greenwashing" - to conceal the true project.

The Quarry Charade

During March 2005 Melissa Hippard, Lennie Roberts, & myself met with R. Donahue Peebles of the Peebles Atlantic Corporation at the Conservation Center in Palo Alto. The subject of the meeting was a proposed development by Mr. Peebles of the landmark quarry in Rockaway Beach; the quarry is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean & SR 1.

Endangered species in quarry

At the charrette, Andres Duany said "There are no endangered species that have been identified, seen, or trapped."

A study of San Francisco Garter Snakes was already underway, the proposal for which clearly stated that:

What is ESHA?

Under the Coastal Act, section 30107.5 defines an environmentally sensitive area as follows:

[A]ny area in which plant or animal life or their habitats are either rare or especially valuable

KQED's "Coastal Clash"

For more background education on coastal environmental and development issues, the Coastal Commission, and some specifics on Pacifica, check out the acclaimed KQED documentary "Coastal Clash":

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