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Fact Checking the Debates

We received our latest postcard from the Peebles Propaganda Post Box regarding the rebroadcast of the debate between Messrs. Loeb & Peebles. I went to my stack of Pacifica Tribunes and pulled for perusal the August 23 edition which detailed said debate. The following are direct quotes:

"Perception is Reality"

I moved to Pacifica because it was a sleepy coastal community, which I really enjoy. I always hoped it would stay that way. It shocked me to read in the Pacifica Tribune in May that a Florida developer was going to have a series of Charrettes about the quarry. I could tell right off the bat that Peebles and the people that work for him were going to be using slick, deceptive politics, which don't work here in Pacifica.

The Real Mr. Peebles

The owner of the Rockaway Beach Quarry, R. Donahue Peebles, was profiled by The San Francisco Bay Area Guardian issue of 8/29/06. Their profile of his meteoric ascent in the real estate business in D.C. and Florida stated, "He earned a reputation for resorting to multimillion-dollar litigation when those relationships went bad." But did Mr. Peebles mellow after arriving in California? Apparently not. Mr. Peebles' partnership filed suit against the California State Mining and Geology Board in March 2006, a month after being fined a tenth of the maximum fine for failure to file an acceptable assurance instrument for the reclamation of the Quarry. (Rockaway Beach Ltd. v. SMBG et al.) At the "charrette" meetings I attended in May, Mr. Peebles described himself as completely cooperative with the State regarding reclamation of the formerly quarried property. Curiously, he and his agents made no mention of the fact that aspects of the reclamation matter were in litigation.

Pacificans receive "push-poll"

This weekend, Pacificans began receiving push-poll telemarketing calls from "The Rockaway Quarry Committee", the group funded by Peebles Atlantic Development Corporation, and stage managed by Peebles' Southern California P.R. firm, Davies Communications.

More Davies spin

The San Mateo Times' "Insider" also published a column about the Davies Communications insider who posed as Pacifica residents in favor of Measure L on the Pacifica-L mailing list. The details are basically the same as have been covered elsewhere (for example, here and here). The interesting part is the new spin by John Davies, CEO of Davies Communications:

Davies says list readers are "mostly negative thinkers"

Barry Parr, creator of Coastsider.com, published an article about "Jimmy/Susan" the person(s) who posted messages to the Pacifica-L mailing list, claiming to be long-time Pacifica residents, but who apparently were associated with Peebles' P.R. firm, Davies Communications.

"He's dead in the water"

On March 6th, 2005, Tribune Editor Chris Hunter is quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, warning:

"And if he [Peebles] comes here and says he wants to build 300 houses, he's dead in the water."

Waking from a dream

Have you ever had to wake someone, and found out later that they were in a particularly wonderful dream?

Initially, they may hardly respond. However, as you persist in trying to help them reconnect with a reality that does not include the cherished dream, one often discovers that they can become quite grumpy, even outright angry, in response to your well- intended efforts!

Peebles P.R. Firm "Sock Puppet" scam exposed

Quarry owner Don Peebles has been promising Pacificans everything but the moon if they will just vote to rezone the Quarry for 355 housing units. Since most of the promises are not binding and are not even in the ballot measure, they are not enforceable. Yet, voters are being asked to put blind faith in Mr. Peebles, based on nothing but his self-proclaimed integrity. So far, he has put on an impressive show. But now, his credibility in the community is eroding.

Sierra Club Says "NO" to Measure L

Dear Editor: [of the Pacifica Tribune]

Thank you for publishing Larry Nordgren's letter and for the opportunity to respond. Mr. Nordgren writes that he supports the giant housing, commercial, retail, hotel and convention center project proposed for the Pacifica quarry by Florida high-rise developer Don Peebles and suggests that Sierra Club should as well.

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