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Pacifica's "Miami Beach" covered in Bay Guardian

This week's San Francisco Bay Guardian includes an article by G.W. Schulz about Measure L. The very thorough, well-researched report contains too much good information to excerpt here; by all means, read the whole thing.

Peebles sues State Mining and Geology Board

Because the Quarry property contains an inactive mine, the State Mining and Geology Board (SMGB) requires that it be reclaimed. In May, 2005 the SMGB approved a "financial assurance amount of $1,319,476" (PDF file), and notified the Bottoms Family Trust, at the time the property owners, of this decision. A Notice of Violation was issued August 19, 2005, followed by an Order to Comply on September 22, 2005.

Quarry Financing

When South Florida developer R. Donahue Peebles purchased the Quarry in 2005, he took out a $16.5 million "non-recourse" loan from North American Capital Advisors(NACA).

Pacificans receive "Wal-Mart Letter" from Peebles

Today, Pacificans received a sales letter from South Florida Developer R. Donahue Peebles.

The letter specifically mentions "Wal-mart"(sic) four separate times. It is unclear whether the Wal*Mart corporation of Bentonville, Arkansas has endorsed this use of their name, or indeed if they've had any contact with Peebles at all.

Hotel California

I must take gentle issue with my friend Gil Anda on two points in his last letter. He suggests calredevelop.org as a source for information regarding redevelopment, and I agree that much is available from that source, including a link to the body of law that governs California Community Redevelopment. However, to suggest that they are not an advocacy group, i.e., "they don't have any agenda," is wishful thinking. The CRA web site states: "...California Redevelopment Association is comprised of over 340 Redevelopment Agencies and 260 private sector companies such as financial institutions, redevelopment consultants, developers and law firms..." This is not an impartial source of non-partisan analysis.


I received a slick little postcard in the mail Aug. 3. The postcard said to join us to share thoughts on a vision for Rockaway Quarry. The card didn't mention who us was. I assume it is from Florida Peebles and his gang hanging out here in Pacifica. What bill of goods is Peebles trying to sell Pacificans now? What kind of wool is he trying to pull over our eyes now? He had to be deceptive, and had to pay people to get names on his petitions. He couldn't even do that in an honest manner. Sorry, Florida Peebles money doesn't impress me and I can't be bought. Pacificans beware. If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

We the People

Peebles Atlantic has spent hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to buy a spot on the November Ballot for an initiative that will allow up to 355 units of housing in the Quarry. We the people will decide whether or not we want to live with an enormous new neighborhood in Rockaway, not Peebles Atlantic.

Putting the cart before the horse

The "blank check" Measure L on the November ballot is a wonderful example of putting the cart before the horse.

Voting on a housing initiative before there is a concrete plan makes perfect sense from Mr. Peebles' point of view. He doesn't want to spend 2 years doing the hard work of preparing a detailed project plan, getting it approved by the City, and convincing Pacificans it was good for the City, only to have the voters turn it down.

Zoning Explained

The ballot measure claims that the Quarry is zoned for "2.1 million square feet of commercial". That does not mean that such an intense volume of development is guaranteed or assured-- far from it.

"Mystery" invitation received by Pacificans

Today, Pacificans began receiving a mysterious, un-signed invitation.

The invitation provides no agenda, no indication of who will be speaking, or who is putting on this event. It appears to have been sent by Peebles Atlantic Development Corporation through their Southern California P.R. firm.

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