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PTT responds to the City's Election Code 9212 report

I would like to say thank you to our city attorney Cecilia Quick and city staff for preparing this report under such short notice.

Full Text of 9212 report on Quarry Ballot Measure

As expected, the City has confirmed that there is no plan, there is no project, there are no tangible benefits to the City nor to us, its citizens, in this ballot measure, nor any way to determine prior to the November 7th election what damage 355 houses in the Quarry would cause to our traffic or our environment.

Veiled Threats

Mr. Peebles' recent column in the Pacifica Tribune conveyed a veiled threat to Pacifica voters: Approve his proposed project of 355 residences and 500,000 square feet of commercial space or he will build our worst nightmare, a big box store or industrial/manufacturing center.

"There is no project"

On Monday night, July 24th, Pacifica Councilmember Cal Hinton said:

"There is no project here. There is nothing to evaluate for a report"

Beware Fool's Gold

Beware of fool's gold! Florida developer Don Peebles is frantically trying to woo voters into supporting his huge 355-housing unit project. He is darting from group to group in our community promising all sorts of goodies -- anything that will get their support and votes.

Unanswered Questions

Here is the full text of the questions Dinah Verby submitted to the Council on Monday night, July 24th:

1. Explain the fiscal impact [Section 9212(a)(1)] of the proposed "mixed use residential and commercial development" in the Quarry as described in the ballot measure, NOT in terms of dollar amounts which are not yet known, but in terms of:

No Way to Gain Community Trust

On Tuesday, June 6th, The Mercury News ran an article about the quarry development ("Developer eyes Bay Area for East Coast luxury"). It stated: "Peebles said he plans to gather signatures to place the proposal on the November ballot. The initiative calls for creating a town center with a town hall, a library, 385,000 square feet of commercial enterprises, a public promenade to the ocean, and 40 acres of open space".

An open letter to Mr. Peebles

I received your letter this past week and I was astounded by it. Evidently you wrote to me in response to one of my recent letters in the Pacifica Tribune. How you could perceive either of my letters as support for your proposed project or the upcoming ballot measure is beyond me. Let me make this perfectly clear-- I do not support your proposal or a blanket change to allow housing in the Quarry.

Debunking the Highway Widening and "Town Center" claims

Lionel Emde debunks several common misconceptions about the Quarry. The full text of his Letter to the Editor published in the 7/5/2006 Pacifica Tribune is posted below with his express written permission. (The letter was a response to a Guest Column called "Goodbye Pacifica" by Julie Weismann.)

School Superintendent "not pleased" with petition

Pacifica School District Superintendent of Schools Jim Lianides isn't happy with the Quarry petition, according to the June 26, 2006 Pacifica Tribune:

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