Fact vs. Fiction

Commercial or Residential?

Measure L threatens that, if the voters don't approve 355 units of housing, "the developer is still allowed under local law to build 2.1 million square feet of commercial space".

Would you hire Peebles Corp?

Would you hire a contractor for a major home remodelling project without signing a contract that specified the work to be done, the cost, and the timetable?

Of course not. Even if the contractor was one you knew and trusted, it's just common sense to put things in writing so everyone knows what will be delivered and for how much.

Redevelopment Tax Diversion

The Quarry petition falsely claims that the development will:

... generate millions of dollars in new property and hotel tax revenue that can be used to help pay for vital city services, including needed funding for schools, police and fire,

Endangered species in quarry

At the charrette, Andres Duany said "There are no endangered species that have been identified, seen, or trapped."

A study of San Francisco Garter Snakes was already underway, the proposal for which clearly stated that:

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