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The Quarry Has a New Owner

According to an article by Julia Scott, the Quarry has been sold to an "unidentified affiliate of Ambit Funding LLC", the

Shifting Stories (Again)

One of the constants in the Peebles Corp's ownership of the Quarry property is the way the company's public statements constantly change. Another example of this recently appeared in the news.

A June 17, 2009 article by Julia Scott titled "Economy making it difficult to sell Pacifica quarry", quotes Peebles Corp Vice President Daniel Grimm:

Peebles Folds

According to a recent San Mateo Times article (or this article from the San Francisco Business Times), the Peebles Corporation has put the Quarry property up for sale. This wasn't very surprising, since according to R. Donahue Peebles' book The Peebles Principles, the company's loan is due:

San Mateo Times says NO on L

The San Mateo Times editorial board recommends a NO vote on Measure L, saying:

What Measure L does is permit the construction of "up to" 355 homes at the quarry site, along with commercial development. Since housing is the cash crop of this development, there's little reason to believe that, if Pacificans approve L, the final project will come in with anything less than the maximum amount.

Peebles spends $1,310,384 (up from $895,137, up from $867,163) to buy Measure L election

Update 10/27/06: The current total spending by the Peebles-funded "Yes on L" campaign through 10/21/06 is $1,310,384.78 according to today's election report. That's $415,247.75 just over the last 21 days, or $19,773.70 per day. More details, and the full report, here.

"High-stakes poker"

John Maybury serves it up straight in his Wandering and Wondering column of September 13th, 2006:

[Peebles] is a businessman with a huge investment to recoup, and an even bigger loan to pay off. He is not a charity. He is not here to rescue us from our fiscal dilemma. He is here to play high-stakes poker, win big, and cash in his chips. Don't fall for the sweet talk.

"He's dead in the water"

On March 6th, 2005, Tribune Editor Chris Hunter is quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, warning:

"And if he [Peebles] comes here and says he wants to build 300 houses, he's dead in the water."

Condos on the Coastline

Regarding the article "Condos challenge Coastal Act" published Monday August 28th:

The Sierra Club is equally concerned about the proposed development for the old quarry in Pacifica. Developer R. Don Peebles proposes the same type of luxury development that not only is not aimed at ordinary families, but will impact ecologically sensitive habitat and endangered species. Pacificans said no to a similar proposal in 2002. However, this time the developer is even more of a concern than the development project (which is vague at best). Mr. Peebles has gone to great lengths to mislead the community by greenwashing his project, threatening to build a WalMart when that is not possible under the current zoning and Coastal Act protections, and using deceptive tactics to create the illusion of grassroots support. It is critical that the San Mateo Times and other reputable news sources cover this story accurately, thoroughly and most importantly in a timely manner. The residents of Pacifica have a right to know who they are being asked to make a deal with.

Pacifica's "Miami Beach" covered in Bay Guardian

This week's San Francisco Bay Guardian includes an article by G.W. Schulz about Measure L. The very thorough, well-researched report contains too much good information to excerpt here; by all means, read the whole thing.

Peebles places petition on ballot

Rather than first work with the Planning Commission and City Council, as Trammel Crow did in 2002, Peebles decided to go around them completely, and obtained the help of local property managment firm owner Mark Claussen to circulate a petition to place a measure on the November ballot. The ballot measure would authorize Peebles to build pretty much whatever he wants, provided it:

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