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South Florida Developer Gathers Signatures To Build 355 Houses and Condos At The Rockaway Quarry

It's no surprise, folks. By not mentioning the 355 housing units he wants to build, or the terrible commute traffic problems this would create, developer Don Peebles' hirelings collected 4,850 signatures for his awful Rockaway Quarry project. The surprise is that he only collected that number of signatures.

Peebles retains Southern California P.R. agency

Since before the "Charrettes", Peebles has been using the services of one of the premier P.R. agencies in the field, the southern-California-based Davies Communications:

Un-signing the petition

Update 6/30/06: Peebles has submitted his petitions, so there is no longer any way to take your name off it.

In the 6/28/06 Tribune, Todd Bray pointed out that:

Would you hire Peebles Corp?

Would you hire a contractor for a major home remodelling project without signing a contract that specified the work to be done, the cost, and the timetable?

Of course not. Even if the contractor was one you knew and trusted, it's just common sense to put things in writing so everyone knows what will be delivered and for how much.

"Shown His Hand"

Todd Bray shares some interesting facts in his letter to the Tribune today:

Miami developer Donahue Peebles used a local resident to file a petition on his behalf for his 355 units of new housing in the Quarry. You may have noticed the out of towners collecting signature at local supermarkets. As of today (Saturday) they are getting $6.50 a signature. You can contact the lady running the signature drive at the Best Western Hotel room 121. If you think it's odd that these out of towners want you to sign the petition, cross out the extra spaces and sign it again at the bottom, it is. It masks the fact that the signatures are being gathered by paid contractors that don't live here. There ought to be a law. After all, why involve the public when he can do an end run around them? Why follow the usual public process when he can usurp public input by proxy?

Peebles places petition on ballot

Rather than first work with the Planning Commission and City Council, as Trammel Crow did in 2002, Peebles decided to go around them completely, and obtained the help of local property managment firm owner Mark Claussen to circulate a petition to place a measure on the November ballot. The ballot measure would authorize Peebles to build pretty much whatever he wants, provided it:

Full text of the Petition to develop up to 355 new houses in the Quarry

MAY 30 2006

To: Kathy O'Connell City Clerk for the City of Pacifica, California

Re: Notice of Intent To Circulate Petition, Statement of Reasons, and Request for Ballot Title and Summary for an Initiative Ordinance to Authorize Residential Development Preserving Accessible Open Space and Adding Other Mixed Uses on the Rockaway Quarry Parcel in the City of Pacifica

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