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Text of Measure E

For those curious about the status of the previous "Pacifica Village Center" project, Measure E, which was defeated (3,511 / 33.8% Yes votes ...... 6,867 / 66.2% No votes).

The City has received a development proposal for the Quarry site from the Trammell Crow Company to create the "Pacifica Village Center," a development of up to 315 residential units on the Quarry site as part of a mixed-use development project.

1986 West Rockaway Redevelopment Area Plan

Here is the full text (warning! Huge PDF file!) of the 1986 economic plan and charter for the West Rockaway Beach Redevelopment Area.

Full text of Ordinance No. 391-C.S.

Ordinance No. 391-C.S

Ordinance rezoning the Quarry from Agricultural to Commercial

The People of Pacifica do ordain as follows:

The following parcels of land: A.P. #018-150-050 & -070, commonly known as the quarry, are hereby rezoned form A/B-5 and M-1 to C-3 with the provision that no further public vote be required for any future rezonings except that any residential development of the property, including residential development permitted under the C-3 designation, shall require a vote of the people. This rezoning does not remove the HPD overlay.

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