Rising Oceans, Sinking Feeling

Disappearing Beach: Rockaway Beach has been divided in the middle due to previous development.   In order to 'save' coastal developments sea walls are constructed.  As the oceans rise the beach is essentailly drowned and we lose out.  Why should we sacrifice even more of Rockwaay Beach for any develepment so close to our coast?A local environmental reporter recently wrote an article in the San Mateo County Times about the rising oceans and problems we will be facing in the future because of them. As you know the Quarry rests on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and will be threatened by the rising seas.

As the article states, "Bay Area beaches' soft, sandy quality makes them particularly vulnerable to erosion, according to (a) USGS study. They are classified at "very high risk" because of future sea-level rise."

Furthermore, the article states that USGS geologist Bruce Richmond said, "we ought to be rethinking what kind of development we allow in our coastal area. Maybe we shouldn't be building in certain places, we know what we need to do, but our federal policymakers aren't doing it. That may sound practical, but it will never be popular. It's so valuable to live here. Until we get to the stage where we're putting our properties at risk, I don't know whether our habits will change."

Today we are facing the decision of whether or not we should build 355 new houses in the quarry. Knowing what we know today about the rising oceans it would be irresponsible for us to allow such a development to occur and put hundreds of people in harms way in the not so distant future. Please read the article and decide for yourself.