Firm Trapping Species at the Quarry

Apparently the main traffic congestion in the Quarry right now is that of a consultant , reported to be Karen Swaim of Livermore, conducting trapping operations.

Poster Janet at reports:

...just yesterday I talked to some people doing trapping studies along Calera creek for the developers who acknowledged that the frogs are present on the site...

Snake traps in Quarry: The firm doing endangered species studies in the Quarry has left behind the tops of some snake traps. They also left the low barriers that make the snakes go into the traps.We are trying to find out what exactly the research has found, and who has commissioned it. The work appears to be licensed and permitted. Email if you have any additional reports or pictures.


Update 08/2006:


The March 13, 2006 Proposal by Swaim Biological, Inc. to conduct these surveys states clearly in section 1.2.3 that:

This survey cannot determine negative finding for SFGS or indicate that the snakes are absent from the site; SFGS are known to occur on the site from past studies and suitable habitat is present.

And there you have it: there are endangered species in the Quarry.