Debunking the Highway Widening and "Town Center" claims

Lionel Emde debunks several common misconceptions about the Quarry. The full text of his Letter to the Editor published in the 7/5/2006 Pacifica Tribune is posted below with his express written permission. (The letter was a response to a Guest Column called "Goodbye Pacifica" by Julie Weismann.)

Hello Pacifica

While I wish Ms. Weismann the best of luck in Oregon, she states certain things as certainties which are anything but that.

"Remember that Hwy 1 is going to be expanded no matter what happens at the quarry and the previous expansion proposal was 6 lanes and half the size of (a) football field."

The proposal (Calera Creek Parkway) to expand Highway One between Vallemar and Rockaway Beach is one I refer to as "A six-lane speedway between two bottlenecks."

According to one elected official I talked with, there is nothing that indicates that this proposal is going forward. Important habitat for endangered species would be destroyed in widening the highway. There is also the irony of viable local businesses along that portion of the highway being damaged or removed by such a proposal.

Ms. Weismann further states: "His (R. Donahue Peebles) proposal of a living, thriving town center environment that is pedestrian friendly is more conducive to the (quarry) setting."

The problem with that statement is one that many Pacificans know but don't want to acknowledge: We have no geographical center. We are a series of small communities strung out along the coast. Many people don't realize that Pacifica was narrowly created by a public vote to avoid becoming a public garbage dump for the city of San Bruno in 1957.
A "center" cannot be created out of thin air.
The solution to our problems will not be achieved by trusting a developer who stands to make (by his own estimate) a $500 million gross profit from building a massive residential development in the quarry.

Lionel Emde