California Red Legged Frog

On the front page of the July 7th, 2006 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, is an article about the manmade global epidemic that is rapidly changing the environmental world as we know it today. As the article states, "a strange new fungus disease that kills frogs and toads and every other species of amphibian is spreading around the globe and combined with pollution and overdevelopment, is driving more and more creatures to extinction."

  • One third of the world's 5,743 amphibian species are threatened.
  • 122 have become extinct over the past 25 years
  • 40% of all of the species have suffered significant population declines.
  • 427 water dwelling animal species are critically endangered.

Why is this important to Pacifica and in particular the Quarry?

Red-Legged Frog Photograph: California Red-Legged Frog (Rana Aurora)

The Quarry is home to the California Red Legged Frog and numerous other endangered and/or threatened species. Loss of habitat due to development has been the most ruthless blow to species worldwide. When a species becomes extinct the ecosystem weakens and puts tremendous pressure on the other species in the web of life. For example, if the California Red Legged Frog became extinct, the San Francisco Garter Snake will lose a crtical food source. Species rely on each other for survival in the wild, yet depend on man to protect them from further destruction of their habitiat . We have an obligation to ourselves to protect our ecosystems and to prevent the continuing onslaught against the natural environment that sustains our lives.