Endangered species in quarry

At the charrette, Andres Duany said "There are no endangered species that have been identified, seen, or trapped."

A study of San Francisco Garter Snakes was already underway, the proposal for which clearly stated that:

This survey cannot determine negative finding for SFGS or indicate that the snakes are absent from the site; SFGS are known to occur on the site from past studies and suitable habitat is present.

The Coastal Commission staff sent a letter to Peebles/Duany saying "The California red-legged frog, San Francisco garter snake, Western pond turtle, Loggerhead shrike, and Saltmarsh common yellowthroat are known to occur at the site."

Dr. Peter Baye of Annapolis, California has seen them:

I found two garter snakes within 5 minutes just by standing still and looking around the marshy edges of the lagoon above the mouth. Both snakes were foraging around the footpath, bulrushes and tules, and rapidly retreated towards the water when footsteps approached. This is typical behavior of the semi-aquatic San Francisco garter snake. Their conspicuously striped backs makes them hard to miss. Both snakes were a little under a foot long, not very mature, suggesting recent breeding.

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