Traffic Solutions

We need to concentrate on our already available resources. We already have a town center this is Sharp Park, when you look at our city Sharp Park is pretty close to the center. Is this not why our town hall plus one of the two libraries that we have is there as well as our Fog Fest?

Those things are there because it makes sense -- there is already freeway access as well as several workable exists. Sharp Park can deal with the excess traffic.

So tell me why we would not improve what we already have, instead of trying to create more problems. The traffic that we southern Pacifica citizens will have to deal with if the quarry is developed will be just awful.

Do the math on all the extra cars from all the new housing, yet another hotel, offices and stores. In addition, there is no absolute guarantee whatsoever that we will benefit from all of the sacrifice we will have to put up with during and after the quarry construction. The developers stated during their "charrette" meetings that this quarry development could take up to ten years to complete. We the citizens of Pacifica would have to put up with a big mess of congestion for at least that time and then what?

I attended the Sanchez meeting a couple of weekends ago and I was sad to witness first hand some of the badgering from the pro Peebles people. It is very disturbing how some person can come from out of town with many ideas that have yet to be proved and get a couple of fellow citizens to buy the words (only words at this point) hook line and sinker and cause such upsetting behavior.

Is this perhaps blind faith or something much worse? We hardly ever get a real straight answer when we ask straight questions. Mr. Peebles talks a lot about himself at every meeting I have attended, which is fine for him. While we have to sit for at least an hour before we can even ask these important questions. Yet rarely do we get our real concerns addressed. That my fellow Pacificans is not fine or good for us.

Many important issues with this whole development need to be answered. Therefore, before you start saying yes to any of this development you had better look long and hard at the real impact this will have on Pacifica. I care about our city, my family has lived here for over thirty years and I know there are many others that really care about our future too. Please think about this, out of town developers will get their projects done get their names up on the plaques make their monies and leave. Yes, leave and we the citizens of our beautiful coastal (not yet exploited) city will have to deal with the real issues, more than likely bigger problems, and so far empty promises.

I know we the citizens of our fair Pacifica can come up with better ideas to create a better city without having to compromise the soul of our city.

The above was also sent to the Pacifica Tribune and printed as a letter to the editor on July 26th, 2006.