Mr. Peebles claims that he can build in the Quarry a viable luxury hotel targeting corporate events. I don't doubt his expertise in the hotel business. Neither should he doubt mine: I am his customer.

I work for a global corporation and have organized corporate events for over six years: deciding on venues and conference facilities in the finest cities of North America and Europe.

What Peebles is promising makes as much sense as a Four Seasons Hotel in Des Moines, Iowa.

Corporate event participants are flown in, taken to their hotel by taxis or limos, and stranded there. They need places to walk and things to do in the evening: one or two restaurants in Peeblesville will not suffice. Schlepping back and forth to San Francisco is a hassle for all involved, but so is being trapped in the Fog Belt.

Finally, corporate clients pay negotiated corporate room rates, which can be 30%-50% lower than the advertised room rate. The conference room facility rentals -- which are where the hotels make their profit along with the catering--are not included in the Transient Occupancy Tax. Keep that in mind when evaluating claims of projected tax revenue for the City.

Ana Santos Restivo
Sharp Park

The above is the full text of a letter originally intended for the Pacifica Tribune, but which was not sent. It is included here with the author's permission.