In Defense of Pacifica

Is there anything you pro-quarry development people like about your city of Pacifica? Mr. Peebles and the pro peebs corp. seem to be very condescending about our city at most of these meetings and with the letters you write in. I have attended all the so-called Charrettes and meetings and there are many insulting things being said about our city. One of the things that has been said time and time again is hardly no one even knows where Pacifica is; people just drive through here on the way to the better cities (that is an untrue statement by the way a lot people come here and spend money and time here) like Half Moon Bay and they stay at the so-called better hotels like the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton.

So that is why I ask; "what do you really like about the city of Pacifica?" You all make our city sound so pathetic so behind the times. Well I have some news for you in case you do not know; for a city that is so behind the times we have a low crime rate, we have good education (some of the highest test scores in the Bay Area), we have low cost housing and section eight housing, free to low cost counseling, free food bank and great senior center, great beaches, some of the most beautiful open space in the Bay Area, two libraries (most cities our size have one), a great skate park for skateboarders, a world famous parasailing area and world famous surfing area, etc.

We are a great city; one that you can and should be proud of. What I have not been proud of is all the mudslinging; I have been told to shut up when it has been my appointed time to ask questions, I have been clapped over by people rudely trying to cover up answers to questions that are never answered. Mr. Peebles has been polite enough to me, but contrary to the loudest opinions, he has failed to answer my questions with any kind of reasonable answers. We mostly end up getting a lot of double talk.

As far as any half-truths, that I have been accused of saying I suggest you go back to my older letters and see the truth. I said that if you want the truth then seek it yourself. You can look up the Hotel Online for the Hospitality Executive the Miami Herald or HighBeam Research among others on the internet.

Do your own research. It sure is interesting; how many pro peebs corp. are real estate people and I cannot help to wonder why? I have said it before many times I am not against all development I am just against development in the Quarry and surrounding wetland that has so many pre-existing problems to begin with.

Remember the old saying "never build a house on sand." Who will be stuck with paying out the money when the water comes in (and it will, it already floods in the Quarry) or who will be stuck with paying for getting rid of the sewer smell when these million dollar homes are put in? It just might be us the taxpayers.

The above was also printed as a Letter to the Editor in the Pacifica Tribune on August 30th, 2006