What's So Complicated?

355! Now what's so complicated about that number? Have you noticed that boosters of Mr. Peebles' Quarry Development plan carefully refuse to mention in their Letters to the Editor that there will be 355 housing units in Peeblesville? That's 355 units and all the rush hour traffic they will add to Highway 1 from a whole new neighborhood.

Come on, kids, repeat after me — "355, 355, 355." That's what Pacificans will be voting on — 355 residential units. Forget all those goodies talked about in the charrette charade. They are a mirage.

Now that Mr. Peebles has rolled his Trojan Horse into our community, let's take a hard look at his initiative ballot language. There is no approved Development Agreement and no project map for the voters to consider.

Therefore, there is no mention of a town square, or a library, or a city hall, or parks, playfiends and tot lots, or "green" building, or solar panels, or endangered species habitat, and certainly no mention of how the severe traffic problems from that 355 units are going to be solved.

Most importantly, the ballot language does not lock the developer into solving or paying for improvements for commute traffic on Highway 1. No way, no how!

In the charrette, spokesmen for the developer admitted that the Calera Parkway proposal will not work. They said that adding more lanes to Highway 1 would be a waste of money since the problem is the Vallemar intersection bottleneck that will remain.

So, even though Peeblesville will flood more traffic into the intersection, how do they see their financial role in solving the problem? Mr. Peebles stated flat out that the solution is "not a part of our project." He added, addresssing Pacificans who have to struggle through commute delays, "this is an issue that you all have that we aren't going to be able to solve for you."

Get the picture? Pacificans, don't buy a pig in a poke and don't sign any blank checks for the developer.


(Cross-posted to the Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor)