"Shown His Hand"

Todd Bray shares some interesting facts in his letter to the Tribune today:

Miami developer Donahue Peebles used a local resident to file a petition on his behalf for his 355 units of new housing in the Quarry. You may have noticed the out of towners collecting signature at local supermarkets. As of today (Saturday) they are getting $6.50 a signature. You can contact the lady running the signature drive at the Best Western Hotel room 121. If you think it's odd that these out of towners want you to sign the petition, cross out the extra spaces and sign it again at the bottom, it is. It masks the fact that the signatures are being gathered by paid contractors that don't live here. There ought to be a law. After all, why involve the public when he can do an end run around them? Why follow the usual public process when he can usurp public input by proxy?

By voting for his residential plan for 355 units of new housing, that as of today is nothing more than a generic drawing, (there is no development application received by the city, no development agreement with the city) we will be forfeiting our ability to publicly influence the project in the future. The design illustrations Peebles came to town with to show us during his sales pitch, oops I mean charrette, last month, will be set in stone if his surrogate ballot measure succeeds in November.

I can't help but wonder how much more traffic we can take? With all our traffic woes to date the one saving grace has been no new traffic coming from the Quarry in the morning. Imagine how nasty it will get when 355 plus new cars start trying to merge onto Route 1 from Peebles' Miami-style Villas in the Quarry during morning rush hour? If that's your dream for Pacifica, God help the rest of us.

Todd McCune Bray
Rockaway Beach

Reprinted here with his permission.