Pacifica is not San Diego

When my husband asked me, "What would you think about living in the Bay Area?" the first thing I did was to look at those Google maps and see what part of the Bay Area looked the least like L.A. I discovered Pacifica on the Internet. I had never heard of Pacifica before.

When I combed the websites related to Pacifica, California, I found out that Pacifica had had a 30-year battle with Caltrans, which it won May of 2005 with the beginning of the Devil's Slide tunnel.

I thought, "This is the town for me." I like activism. We bought our house in Pedro Point June of 2005.

I am counting on this town to vote down Measure L. I have handed out flyers urging a "no" vote on L, and many people thank me as I do it. About two-thirds tell me they are voting no. I'm hoping that my research has set me down in the right town.

I lived 18 years in San Diego County, and I have seen this time and again where developers promise so much and deliver so little. Pacifica is a gem. Perhaps some of you are so used to the beauty of Pacifica that you might not realize it is quite a special place. I moved here because I trusted this town to do the right thing. I'm counting on it. Don't give the developer money at our expense.

Please vote No on L.

Jennifer Ball
Pedro Point

The above was printed as a Letter to the Editor in the October 25th, 2006 Pacifica Tribune, and is republished here with the author's permission.