Would you hire Peebles Corp?

Would you hire a contractor for a major home remodelling project without signing a contract that specified the work to be done, the cost, and the timetable?

Of course not. Even if the contractor was one you knew and trusted, it's just common sense to put things in writing so everyone knows what will be delivered and for how much.

But that's what R. Donahue Peebles is asking Pacificans to do.

His petition does not specify a specific project; we have to trust that the project he builds will be the one that emerged from the charrette process. And if the size of the project is cut down during the planning process, as it is likely to be, what would be cut? Residential or commercial?

Without a defined project, there's no way to know what the cost will be, in terms of traffic, damage to sensitive habitat, etc. And there's no way to know if his projections of the economic benefits are plausible or not.

How can Pacificans make an informed decision on a project that does not exist? We should not "hire" Peebles to develop the Quarry without a specific project and a signed development agreement.