Commercial or Residential?

Measure L threatens that, if the voters don't approve 355 units of housing, "the developer is still allowed under local law to build 2.1 million square feet of commercial space".

General Plan and LCP of Quarry: The1986 General Plan and Local Coastal Plan of the Quarry

First, this map shows the regions designated for Hillside Preservation District, for protected Wetlands, greenbelt, and which may otherwise be unbuildable.

Secondly, the number is wrong. It was calculated based on a 117-acre lot. A portion of that lot was since sold and is now the Calera Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, leaving 87 acres remaining. Applying the same calculations, that'd leave1.6 million square feet, again not including Hillside Preservation, wetlands, or unbuildable land.

It's unclear where even close to a "big-box" level of commercial square footage would come from. And, due to traffic, sewer, and other issues, not to mention ESHA, would that much commercial get approved, even if it's zoned for it?

With Highway 1 being such an out-of-the-way road (compared to 280 or 101), and with half of the customer base in the Pacific Ocean, would it be anything more than fantasy to find renters for that much retail space?