School Superintendent "not pleased" with petition

Pacifica School District Superintendent of Schools Jim Lianides isn't happy with the Quarry petition, according to the June 26, 2006 Pacifica Tribune:

"I'm not pleased that the benefit to the school district is being misrepresented. I'd be happy to talk with Mr. Peebles and tell him how school financing works."

The Quarry petition falsely claims that the development of 355 units of residential will "generate millions of dollars in new property and hotel tax revenue that can be used to help pay for vital city services, including needed funding for schools, police and fire".

Not really.

"The school district will not benefit or be hurt by the quarry development," said Jim Lianides, Superintendent of the Pacifica School District when told about the controversy."

Because the Quarry is in a Redevelopment Area, the property tax increment will not be available to police, fire, or schools, despite the load it would place upon them.