1996 Quarry Steering Committee Cautions Against Building Housing in the Quarry

In 1996, a full, public, in-depth, open "Steering Committee" process was undertaken to help determine the best direction for the Quarry. The Committee's includes a recommendation that "Residential Use Should Not Be the Cornerstone of Quarry Development". And yet in November 2006 a South Florida developer wants to build 355 new houses in the Quarry.

The report states (on Page 45):

Residential Use Should Not Be the Cornerstone of Quarry Development

The Committee spent much time wrestling with the idea of a residential component as part of a larger Quarry development. A large-scale residential development, or a development which includes residences in a primary role is not desired by the community, and is probably not politically feasible.

The report also says (on Page 42):

The strongest opposition was to having exclusively residential areas, especially on the hillsides. ... The types of residential uses most often favored were live/work units or second story apartments above commercial space, which were thought to be less intrusive than purely residential development."

The concept presented at the charrette showed single-family houses clustered at the north end of the site, which does not follow the Committee's recommendation.

The results of the 1996 process also stated clearly "Adverse Traffic Impacts Must Be Minimized". The November 2006 ballot measure includes no plan for minimizing traffic impacts, rather it will add to the morning and evening commutes the traffic from 355 new households.

The 1996 process was not a mere privately-controlled and carefully stage-managed "charrette" P.R. exercise, it was a full public process undertaken under the auspices of City government. East-coast-style luxury villas were not the primary need expressed by the people of Pacifica 10 years ago, and are not what Pacifica needs today.

The full text of the report (warning! large PDF file!) is available here.

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