Arguments against Measure L

Argument Against Measure L

Don't be fooled! You are not voting on a "new urbanism" town center. The plan dangled before Pacificans is not on the ballot. The only reason for Measure L is to allow 355 housing units.

Vote no on 355 housing units

  • A huge 355-unit housing development would add a whole new neighborhood between Vallemar and Rockaway Beach.

Vote NO on traffic jams

  • 355 housing units would create a commute hour nightmare. Pouring more traffic onto already-congested Highway 1 is a recipe for gridlock. The developer has no real solution to the traffic problems.

Vote NO on empty promises

  • Some Pacificans have been led to believe that Measure L will somehow result in a city hall, library, town square, aquatic center and arts center. There is no binding agreement that commits the developer to any of these things.
  • There is no assurance that Measure L will provide significant money that is needed for our schools.

Vote NO on no guarantees

  • Measure L does not guarantee that a significant amount of retail/commercial or a major "luxury hotel" will be built.

Vote no on an environmental disaster

Vote NO on a blank check

  • There is no approved plan. Measure L is not about a project. It's about 355 housing units.
  • Don't believe the South Florida developer's idle threats about what could be built if Measure L fails. Any proposal must be approved by the City and other regulatory agencies.

Vote NO on Measure L


  • Karen Rosenstein, Co-Chair, Pacifica Today & Tomorrow
  • Peter Loeb, Former Pacifica Mayor
  • Dinah Verby, Pacificans for Sustainable Development
  • Lennie Roberts, Committee for Green Foothills
  • Mark Massara, Director, Sierra Club Coastal Programs

Rebuttal To Argument In Favor of Measure L

Don't be misled by the developer's deceptive sales pitch.

Measure L is about 355 housing units and the traffic nightmare that will result from overdevelopment of the Rockaway Quarry.

There is no plan on the ballot, even though there could and should have been. The developer's pretty pictures are not real and are not on the ballot. The South Florida developer is asking Pacificans to blindly trust him.

Measure L contains nothing that forces the developer to deliver on his empty promises of a town center, library, city hall, arts center, or aquatic center.

That's why the proponents' argument uses words like "envision," "imagine," "picture," and "visualize."

Ask yourself:

  1. Why doesn't the proponents' argument even mention 355 housing units, with the tremendous increase in commute traffic?
  2. Why are Pacificans being denied the opportunity to vote on a finished plan that shows exactly what would be built and what the environmental and traffic impacts would be?
  3. Why are we being asked to approve 355 housing units without a binding Development Agreement?
  4. Why believe that the defeat of Measure L must result in a bad development? Don't buy the developer's threats. It's not true that we have to choose between a 355-unit housing development or a big box store. Pacifica deserves better!

Measure L doesn't make Pacifica a better place. It makes it far worse.

Don't let Pacifica go to "L"

Vote NO on 355 housing units
Vote NO on more traffic
Vote NO on Measure L

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  • Stella M. Pilgrim, Vice Chair, 1996 Quarry Steering Committee
  • Andrew Leone, Co-Chair, Pacificans for Sustainable Development
  • Noel Blincoe, Concerned Manor Residents, Chair
  • Victor Carmichael, Chair, Committee to Save the Fish & Bowl
  • Ken Restivo, Co-Chair, Pacifica Today & Tomorrow