"He's dead in the water"

On March 6th, 2005, Tribune Editor Chris Hunter is quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, warning:

"And if he [Peebles] comes here and says he wants to build 300 houses, he's dead in the water."

But, in Measure L, the South Florida developer is asking for Pacificans to approve is 355 houses, or 40 more houses than we voted down 4 years with Trammel Crow's proposal.

Peebles in this same article in March 2005, months before he closed on the property, said:

"We want to do something low-density - probaby a resort hotel with some luxury residences and cultural retail space, like art galleries," Peebles said.

At Peebles' August 15th, 2006 presentation at Sunset Ridge School, the developer answered a concerned citizen's question about the houses, by saying that some to-be-determined number of these 355 houses will be approximately 4,500 square feet in size. In comparison, a Linda Mar rancher is about 1,500 square feet. Can you say "McMansion?"

Ironically, IF Measure L's 355 houses in the Quarry are built, this part of Pacifica will actually have a higher density than most other Pacifica neighborhoods. Why, because the amount of "buildable space" in the Quarry is much less than the South Florida developer has been telling Pacificans in his public meetings. Most of the area that has been tentatively designated as open space is actually hillside visible to Highway One commuters. The flat part of the Quarry, which is home to several endangered species, is where the South Florida developer is proposing to build most of the housing and commercial area.

During your morning or evening commutes, Pacifica, take a look at the Quarry again and "imagine" what 355 houses will look like next to Highway One. And each of those houses will contribute one or more cars to the commute hours nightmare that is Highway One.

Vote NO to even more traffic! Vote No on Measure L!