Mayor Sue Digre says NO on L

Mayor Sue Digre has taken a courageous stand and is proudly saying "NO on L". She has issued the following statement:

No on Measure L- I have taken a long hard look with lots of questions and find the measure lacking. It appears to be more of a blank check than not.

There are too many unknowns. Promissory notes outside of the Measure are not good enough. Measure L has no specific plan in it.

I appreciate the opportunity for Pacificans to craft their future in concrete discussions with specificity.

I will continue to advocate for that process.

We often get asked who we endorse for City Council. We are enthusiastically endorsing Mayor Sue Digre.

Councilmembers Julie Lancelle and Jim Vreeland are officially neutral on Measure L. Their stance is not as strong as Mayor Digre's, however their neutrality and long record of responsible leadership makes them far preferable to the challenger candidates who are in favor of Measure L.

NO on L
Re-elect Mayor Sue Digre and Councilmembers Jim Vreeland and Julie Lancelle