Pacificans receive "pledge" letter from Peebles

On October 2nd, The Peebles Corporation sent a letter to the City Council, copied to two community groups, and to the "Citizens of Pacifica"-- indicating it is a P.R. stunt intended for publication in the Tribune. The letter repeats Peebles' usual campaign promises, including an offer to donate some unspecified amounts of land for public buildings under some conditions, and also to loan money to the City for some public works.

The letter is too vague to be meaningful, but also is not any kind of enforceable instrument:

Pacifica City Attorney Cecilia Quick said the letter was not legally binding, as it was not a contract entered into by the city with any other party.

The letter consists of still more empty promises, offered in exchange for Measure L's entitlement of 355 housing units-- no reduction of which was even addressed in the letter.

UPDATE: Some Pacificans speak out against this "pledge letter" at the 10/9 Council meeting:

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