Peebles spends $1,310,384 (up from $895,137, up from $867,163) to buy Measure L election

Update 10/27/06: The current total spending by the Peebles-funded "Yes on L" campaign through 10/21/06 is $1,310,384.78 according to today's election report. That's $415,247.75 just over the last 21 days, or $19,773.70 per day. More details, and the full report, here.

Update 10/29/2006: Also, it looks like the Peebles-funded campaign has made an update to their July-September filing: the total was $724,914.04 for that period, not the $696,964.64 originally reported. It's unclear what the extra $27,949.40 was spent on, but at least $4,581 of it was for Competitive Edge Research and Communication, a San Diego firm that does executive search and "Competitive Intelligence":

We will create objective company profiles of your competitors providing valuable information on company structure, number of employees, employee interviews, financial information and company history to name just a few aspects.


According to a story in the San Francisco Examiner, Peebles' campaign has spent $696,964 over the June-September reporting period to attempt to get Measure L passed, a total of $7,575 per day. The total spent since January 1, 2006 comes to $867,163.

Although the Peebles campaign pledges that Measure L will bring revenue to Pacifica, only 1.6% ($11,462) of the campaign's recent spending went to Pacifica businesses, according to the campaign's official filing report (warning: large 5MB Adobe Acrobat PDF file). Nearly half of that total was rent for an office on Old County Road.

Peebles also spent $4,261.36 on catering from a deli in South San Francisco, despite the presence of many excellent delis and restaurants right here in Pacifica.

The rest of Peebles' campaign money was spent on items such as his P.R. firm, Davies Communications, printing and design firms in Santa Barbara, and luxury hotels in San Francisco.

Peebles also spent a total of $67,876 on local cable-TV advertising and $50,000 on ad production for the media blitz in this recent period, which is more than the $71,793 he paid out-of-town signature gatherers to get Measure L on the ballot in the first reporting period (1MB Adobe Acrobat PDF file).

The campaign report also showed that no campaign donations came from inside of Pacifica; all of the funds came from Peebles Atlantic Development Corporation of Coral Gables, Florida, and its affiliates.

The final month of a campaign is usually the one in which the greatest amount of campaign dollars are spent, and this period has now been entered.

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