Peebles spends $1,310,384 to buy Measure L election

The current total spending by the Peebles-funded "Yes on L" campaign through 10/21/06 is $1,310,384.78 according to the campaign's official election filing report (warning: large 3MB Adobe Acrobat PDF file).

That's $415,247.75 just over the last 21 days, or $19,773.70 per day.

Only $3,502.47-- less than 1% of the money spent this period-- went to Pacifica businesses, and almost all of it was rent for office space. If Measure L is supposed to be a financial boon to Pacifica businesses, it sure hasn't been so far.

The Peebles-funded campaign spent $103,455.39 on a firm in San Francisco for canvassers to go door-to-door here.

Analysis from the previous reporting period is here.

peebles-money-sept-oct.pdf3.37 MB