Peebles retains Southern California P.R. agency

Since before the "Charrettes", Peebles has been using the services of one of the premier P.R. agencies in the field, the southern-California-based Davies Communications:

Our proven process-- the Entitlement Accelerator-- engineers positive perceptions for projects in the toughest environments, including brownfields and other controversial sites. At DAVIES, we say opposition is never insurmountable-- our 95% winning track record speaks for itself.

Hard to guess what exactly an "Entitlement Accelerator" is, but we'll probably find out soon. By 2006, P.R. firms have learned that appearing too slick and too polished-- indeed even exposing the P.R. firm's existence-- is a turn-off for voters. Instead, they "build behind-the-scenes consensus with community leaders, government officials, and the media".

Such propoganda methods have come to be known as "astroturf": they appear to be grassroots, but are actually artificial and well-funded.

Here are some samples from, for example, Davies' client list too:

  • Aramco Services Company
  • Chevron USA
  • ExxonMobil
  • Mobil Oil Exploration and Producing, U.S.
  • Saudi Aramco
Project Manager Sara Costin of Davies Communications has been present at the Peebles' "Charrettes" and at meetings with local groups. No doubt they've been helping Peebles point out how wonderful 355 new houses in the Quarry will be for our environment.