Quotes from "Peebles Principles"

Pacifica Riptide posted some choice quotes from "The Peebles Principles", R. Donahue Peebles' recently-published book.

Another quote of interest, referring to the outcome of the charrette:

"Among other things, all of the apartments and live-work units would be money losers..."

These are actually the types of residential units that would be most valuable in the quarry, since they are more affordable and tend to minimize traffic. Of course since Measure L did not mandate specific types of units, had it passed Peebles could have gone back to his preferred option, which was "200 single-family luxury homes scattered around the hills with dramatic views." (Another quote from the book.)

Finally, Peebles mentions another possible project: "a regional, high-end, premium brand outlet mall", which would be totally out of place in the quarry and would not be the type of visitor-serving use envisioned in the Rockaway Specific Plan.