Pacificans receive Peebles "push-poll", part two

Peebles and his P.R. firm Davies Communications are running a new push poll, in a blatant attempt to "sell" Measure L through leading questions. The calls appear to be coming from "First Media Services" of El Paso, Texas-- a location known for low-cost labor for telemarketing operations.

Some sample questions about "Proposition" L (the telemarketer didn't appear to know it was called "Measure L"):

This is the second "push-poll" Peebles and Davies Communications have perpetrated; their first push-poll last month was milder by comparison.

This week's telemarketers cast aspersions upon the City Council and the incumbents up for re-election.

The telemarketer even pronounced "Peebles" as "Pebbles" (as in the Flintstones character, or the cereal).

One of Peebles' "pledges" from several months ago was to refrain from interfering in the City Council elections. Looks like past history can be an indication of future performance.