Calera Creek

Full Text of 9212 report on Quarry Ballot Measure

As expected, the City has confirmed that there is no plan, there is no project, there are no tangible benefits to the City nor to us, its citizens, in this ballot measure, nor any way to determine prior to the November 7th election what damage 355 houses in the Quarry would cause to our traffic or our environment.

Quarry from Hilltop

The Quarry from the "fist" hilltop area. November ballot measure would bulldoze this and replace it with up to 355 houses, the commuters therein merging onto Highway 1 each morning.

Quarry from Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Quarry from above the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The November ballot measure would bulldoze this and replace it with 355 households all merging onto Highway 1 at rush hour while you're trying to get to work.

Quarry From Center

The Quarry from the center. The November ballot would bulldoze this and replace it with 355 housesholds all merging on to Highway 1 at rush hour.

Virtual Hike Through the Quarry

The Quarry is a beautiful expanse of nature right here in our own city. Come along with photographer Jean Lannen on a "virtual hike" through it, and see what the November 7th ballot measure would replace with 355 houses and condos. (Click for larger image)

Snake traps in Quarry

The firm doing endangered species studies in the Quarry has left behind the tops of some snake traps. They also left the low barriers that make the snakes go into the traps.

General Plan and LCP of Quarry

The1986 General Plan and Local Coastal Plan of the Quarry
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