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Peebles spends $1,310,384 to buy Measure L election

The current total spending by the Peebles-funded "Yes on L" campaign through 10/21/06 is $1,310,384.78 according to the campaign's official election filing report (warning: large 3MB Adobe Acrobat PDF file).

Peebles spends $1,310,384 (up from $895,137, up from $867,163) to buy Measure L election

Update 10/27/06: The current total spending by the Peebles-funded "Yes on L" campaign through 10/21/06 is $1,310,384.78 according to today's election report. That's $415,247.75 just over the last 21 days, or $19,773.70 per day. More details, and the full report, here.

NO on L

Pacifica Today & Tomorrow says "NO" to Measure L, which would authorize 355 houses in the Quarry.

All of the developer's other promises are empty; they're either not in Measure L at all, or they are required anyway by regulatory agencies. There is no project, there is no plan, there is no solution for the traffic nightmare that 355 additional houses would create.

Full Text of 9212 report on Quarry Ballot Measure

As expected, the City has confirmed that there is no plan, there is no project, there are no tangible benefits to the City nor to us, its citizens, in this ballot measure, nor any way to determine prior to the November 7th election what damage 355 houses in the Quarry would cause to our traffic or our environment.

Pacifica City Official Email Addresses

For reference, below are some email addresses for City officials

1996 Quarry Steering Committee Cautions Against Building Housing in the Quarry

In 1996, a full, public, in-depth, open "Steering Committee" process was undertaken to help determine the best direction for the Quarry. The Committee's includes a recommendation that "Residential Use Should Not Be the Cornerstone of Quarry Development". And yet in November 2006 a South Florida developer wants to build 355 new houses in the Quarry.

Pacifica Quarry Zoning Map

The zoning map illustrated above is currently in effect and presents the viewer with the approved zoning for the quarry as contained in the Rockaway Revelopment Area Specific Plan.

General Plan and LCP of Quarry

The1986 General Plan and Local Coastal Plan of the Quarry

Full text of the Petition to develop up to 355 new houses in the Quarry

MAY 30 2006

To: Kathy O'Connell City Clerk for the City of Pacifica, California

Re: Notice of Intent To Circulate Petition, Statement of Reasons, and Request for Ballot Title and Summary for an Initiative Ordinance to Authorize Residential Development Preserving Accessible Open Space and Adding Other Mixed Uses on the Rockaway Quarry Parcel in the City of Pacifica

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