Peebles spends $1,310,384 (up from $895,137, up from $867,163) to buy Measure L election

Update 10/27/06: The current total spending by the Peebles-funded "Yes on L" campaign through 10/21/06 is $1,310,384.78 according to today's election report. That's $415,247.75 just over the last 21 days, or $19,773.70 per day. More details, and the full report, here.

Assembly Speaker pro Tem Leland Yee says NO on L

Assembly Speaker pro Tem Leland Yee
Statement on Measure L

"I oppose Measure L as it asks Pacificans to approve a project without the benefit of a development agreement and an environmental impact report. Public policy cannot be made by signing a contract without knowing the terms," said Assembly Speaker pro Tem Leland Yee.

"High-stakes poker"

John Maybury serves it up straight in his Wandering and Wondering column of September 13th, 2006:

[Peebles] is a businessman with a huge investment to recoup, and an even bigger loan to pay off. He is not a charity. He is not here to rescue us from our fiscal dilemma. He is here to play high-stakes poker, win big, and cash in his chips. Don't fall for the sweet talk.

The Democratic Process

One of the great things about Pacifica is that this community has a lively sense of civic involvement and a strong sense of democracy. We are really lucky that some people in the city were thinking about the needs of our community when they developed the Rockaway Specific Plan, that calls for mixed-use new urbanist development at the Quarry site. We are also lucky that city politicians built in a mechanism to make it such that the people of Pacifica could have veto power over any development agreement to build housing on that site. The people of Pacifica exercised that power in a responsible way when it rejected the Trammell Crow plan.

Pacificans for Sustainable Development says NO to Measure L

After much thought and analysis, including meetings and many conversations with Quarry owner/developer R. Donahue Peebles, Pacificans for Sustainable Development (PSD) steering committee has decided to oppose Measure L.

Under Attack

Clearly, our community is under attack again. This is not the first time that an out-of-town developer has proffered a scheme for radical change through overdevelopment of open land. We seem to be a target for those characters, whose ideas are so far out of the well-established mainstream of Pacifica thought.

Waking from a dream

Have you ever had to wake someone, and found out later that they were in a particularly wonderful dream?

Initially, they may hardly respond. However, as you persist in trying to help them reconnect with a reality that does not include the cherished dream, one often discovers that they can become quite grumpy, even outright angry, in response to your well- intended efforts!

Pacifica's "Miami Beach" covered in Bay Guardian

This week's San Francisco Bay Guardian includes an article by G.W. Schulz about Measure L. The very thorough, well-researched report contains too much good information to excerpt here; by all means, read the whole thing.

NO on L

Pacifica Today & Tomorrow says "NO" to Measure L, which would authorize 355 houses in the Quarry.

All of the developer's other promises are empty; they're either not in Measure L at all, or they are required anyway by regulatory agencies. There is no project, there is no plan, there is no solution for the traffic nightmare that 355 additional houses would create.


I received a slick little postcard in the mail Aug. 3. The postcard said to join us to share thoughts on a vision for Rockaway Quarry. The card didn't mention who us was. I assume it is from Florida Peebles and his gang hanging out here in Pacifica. What bill of goods is Peebles trying to sell Pacificans now? What kind of wool is he trying to pull over our eyes now? He had to be deceptive, and had to pay people to get names on his petitions. He couldn't even do that in an honest manner. Sorry, Florida Peebles money doesn't impress me and I can't be bought. Pacificans beware. If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

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