Letters to the Editor

Fantasy vs. Reality

The Yes on L signs around town promise 3,700 jobs, but the "job estimate" on Mr. Peebles' website indicates a large portion of these jobs are actually created outside of Pacifica. The 355 new homes allowed by Measure L are far too many and take up valuable space which could be better used for new local business and new local shopping.

New Urbanism and Pacifica

We've been hearing a lot about the pros and cons of Measure L in Pacifica. Supporters describe it as "Smart Growth," using New Urbanism concepts developed by some very good urban planners. As a professional geographer I've heard a good deal over the years about New Urbanism, and have even served as an advisor on Masters Theses examining transit-oriented development, a common component of New Urbanism designs.

Pyramid scheme

In response to the writer complaining that our city council members haven't come out in favor or against Measure L, I would like to point out that they are correct in their position. Until a real plan is presented, they shouldn't make a decision one way or the other! I stand behind each of the incumbents in this regard.

Small town, not big city

During my many years in Pacifica, I have come to love the small town, friendly and in part, bucolic nature of life here in Pacifica. Given this, I personally find the proposal in Measure L completely out of sync with the character and values of our small coastal town.

Shops not houses

Measure L is big news, in Pacifica. Yes or No we will probably lose either way. No one has mentioned that 355 homes equals about 710-plus cars, traffic will be a major problem.

No plan makes no sense

Measure L just doesn't make any sense! Being involved in the business world for more than 20 years I have learned to trust in legally binding contracts and agreements especially in the construction and real estate field. I've heard all kinds of wonderful promises, all coming from friendly, likeable personalities, who promised the moon and more, and when they didn't get their way they resorted to ugly threats and lawsuits. I hope the "L" in this measure doesn't stand for "Litigation". Mr. Peebles has already threatened Pacifica with a big, box retail development if he doesn't get the "Yes on L" vote. How insulting to Pacificans who really care about their City. We are threatened because we want a legal agreement before we vote, to give a developer a valuable entitlement, worth millions of dollars, to build housing in the Quarry!

Controlling our own path for growth

Pacificans are militant about controlling the path of growth for their City. For years, developers have been trying to build big projects in the quarry. At every turn, the citizens of Pacifica have rejected their proposals stating that it was just too big a project. Several years ago, Measure E (a smaller project than the proposal that is before us now) was defeated almost 2 to 1. That is a strong statement which indicates Pacificans do not want big development in their City. Why won't the developers listen to the citizens of Pacifica? We live and work here and know what's best for our community.

Pacifica is not San Diego

When my husband asked me, "What would you think about living in the Bay Area?" the first thing I did was to look at those Google maps and see what part of the Bay Area looked the least like L.A. I discovered Pacifica on the Internet. I had never heard of Pacifica before.

Somebody stole my sign

Seeing all the signs around Pacifica telling us all how to vote on L, I decided to voice my opinion on the matter. I placed a sign on my lawn saying to vote No on L and gave two reasons for my choice. The sign lasted for two days before it was stolen during the night. There were two other signs within 100 yards of my house. They were not taken, but of course they said vote Yes on L.

One human to another

I recently sent a letter to Mr. Peebles. I wanted to communicate simply as one human being to another. I thought Tribune readers might find the approach interesting, perhaps others may want to do the same. In a slightly shortened version, here is what I said:

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