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Over a million reasons to vote NO ON L

Update 10/27/06: It's actually $1,310,384. Wow, indeed.

867,187 more reasons to vote No on Measure L. Is Pacifica for sale to the highest bidder from Miami? From Jan. 1 through Sept. 30, the Yes campaign to build 355 housing units on the Rockaway Quarry reported spending 4867,187. Clearly, Mr. Peebles is trying to buy the election. Who knows how much more, well over $1 million, is to come.

Highway widening dilemma

Has anyone asked the question: If Hwy I is widened (highway mitigation), in which direction will the widening occur? It cannot be widened to the west because that's a taking of an environmentally sensitive habitat area (ESHA). It can only be widened to the east where many established and successful businesses are located: Vallemar Station, Successaries, Vallemar Taqueria, Pacifica Lumber, the commuter coffee in the box car, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, the car wash which is currently closed and the Christmas Tree lot.

Bogus "survey"

Recently many Pacifica residents were contacted by phone to complete a survey of our opinions regarding the upcoming election and Measure L. As a working mother of two young children, I rarely have time to answer the phone much less participate in polls. However, as a research psychologist, and one who relies heavily on surveys, I agreed to participate.

Empty promises in review

Let's review some of the campaign promises made by Mr. Peebles. How can we crowd a Library, City Hall, cinema, performing arts center, sports fields, aquatic center, public square, and a significant amount of retail outlets along with 355 housing units into the quarry flatlands? Why not a monorail and brass band while we're at it?

Measure L will create more traffic

I've been reading everyone's reasons for voting yes on measure L. How can you say that voting yes will not create more traffic? 355 homes, multiplied by 2 drivers per home, equals 710 more vehicles on an already crowded Hwy 1! But then I read it will reduce traffic because more jobs will be created in Pacifica. Will these jobs even come close to the wages needed to live in the quarry, or even in Pacifica? I doubt it.

Study all the options-- Vote NO ON L

A few thoughts on Measure L. In the front page photo of R. Donahue Peebles at the Fog Fest, Mr. Peebles wore a shirt that read: "Study all the options." I agree with Mr. Peebles in that regard. But, to this point, I don't think that's been done. I think that the scenario created by Mr. Peebles' promises and by Mr. Peebles' artists is only one option. What is lacking to this point is an objective study of the highest and best use of the Quarry site. What has been proposed is the highest and most profitable use for the developer, not what may be best for the city of Pacifica.

Trouble with a capital "T"

And that rhymes with "P" and that stands for Peebles!

In Don Peebles column from Oct. 11, he uses the terms "only" (twice), "simply" and "merely." As schoolchildren we are taught that when taking a multiple choice test, the choices for answers that have words such as "only", "simply", and "merely" are never the right answers.

Rockaway Roundup

  • Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Leland Yee, soon to be our state senator, has come out against Measure L because "it asks Pacificans to approve a project without the benefit of a development agreement and an environmental impact report. Public policy cannot be made by signing a contract without knowing the terms."
  • The San Mateo County Times said "No on Measure L" in its lead editorial Oct. 18, concluding that "housing is the last thing Pacifica needs." The Times also endorsed incumbents Sue Digre, Jim Vreeland, and Julie Lancelle.
  • Peebles' phone "push polls" have alienated a lot of people, including City Councilman Jim Vreeland, who found the loaded questions "very derogatory." Vreeland told the San Mateo County Times that "it seemed apparent to me that was a way to show the incumbents in the most negative light." Peebles did not respond to the Times reporter's request for comments by press time.
  • Real estate commissions on sales of 355 quarry units could be at least $22 million. Now look at who supports Measure L; they know which side their bread is buttered on.
  • Peebles is writing an advice book for developers called "The Peebles Principles." (This is not a joke. Or then again.)
  • If you want a righteous read on how to fight a big developer, refer to John Nichols' "Milagro Beanfield War" (and Robert Redford's film version on DVD). Also rent "The Truman Show" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."
  • Ugly lynch-mob atmosphere at recent Peebles pep rally. Foul-mouthed supporters and speakers shouted down questioners and called police to eject them, but police refused, saying it was a public forum, not a private event.
  • Peebles proposes 500-square-foot live/work units. Bucky Beaver wants to know what kind of life/work you can do in such a small space-Rockaway Red Light District, perhaps?
  • How is Peebles' law firm connected to Proposition 90's law firm?
  • Peebles is getting so desperate that he sends high school cheerleaders in short skirts out to shadow No on L pickets on Highway 1. The girls jump up and down and scream a lot, but when someone recently tried to ask them if they knew anything about the issues, their handler said, "I don't want to debate the subject in front of the girls."
  • Peebles told the San Mateo County Times that his bank's appraiser set the quarry's value at 10 times what Peebles originally paid for the land, and the developer gloated that he had already made a nice profit on appreciation. Well, bully for you, my man. So if you've had your fill of Pacifica, and you've made enough money off our real estate, why don't you spare everyone the misery of elections, hearings, four-color brochures, telemarketing calls, and gutter politics, and just sell the land at a reasonable price to a consortium of public and private agencies and land trusts. Visualize a fully funded Rockaway Park.

The above was printed in John Maybury's Wandering and Wondering column in the Pacifica Tribune on October 25th, 2006, and is republished here with the author's permission.

Shooting the messenger

In a classic case of shooting the messenger when you don't like the message, I have been criticized for stating that Measure L would rezone the Quarry for residential use. It is never my intent to mislead anyone, and I apologize if I have done so. Please allow me to clarify.

Greed is not good

Yet another glossy Measure L brochure today. The Truth about Traffic can actually be found in the 2002 Caltrans Devil's Slide Tunnel Environmental Impact Review which found no substantial increase in traffic on Highway One between 1998 and 2020.

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