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It's karma

Does the quarry issue involve Karma?

"If we care only for (ourself), we will be up against difficulties of our own making....
And if in this modern world, life seems to be impossible without competition, we should remember that it is possible to do better than others without crushing them in the process."
-- Dalai Lama

A political weapon

I would like to clear up some fuzzy thinking. Failure to pass Measure L would not, as far as I can tell, force the owner to build only non-residential buildings. There is nothing to prevent him from putting together an actual plan that includes residential construction, and asking the voters to approve the residential construction in that plan.

Two reasons to vote NO

If you thought Keith Fromm was great, just wait...

I'm voting NO on Measure L in the November election. There are lots of good reasons to vote NO. Here are two.

  1. I live in Vallemar. Even now during rush hour, traffic is a problem at the intersection of Reina del Mar and Highway One, and now the traffic on Reina del Mar west of Highway One is almost zero. But if Mr. Peebles' 355 houses are built, that intersection will handle lots more traffic. In fact probably most of the people going to and from their homes in the Quarry would go into and out of the project through that intersection. So those of us from Vallemar will have even more difficulty getting through the intersection than we do now during rush hour. Timing of the light would necessarily change and maybe the intersection would have to be rebuilt.
  2. Dinah Verby wrote a great column on the potential for lawsuits against the City by Mr. Peebles if Measure L and statewide Proposition 90 both pass. And Lionel Emde's Letters to the Editor have clearly alerted us to the problem. If anyone thinks that can't happen here, let me remind them of developer Keith Fromm and the banner headline in this paper July 16, 2003, which proclaimed: "Developer awarded $3.4 Million " And Fromm's development was small when compared to Peebles'.

Hal Bohner

Fill the existing lots first

There is no need to take the open land of the quarry and develop it when all around Pacifica, unused development and open lots sit empty.

On Palmetto Avenue there are open, weedy lots at the intersections of Montecito, Santa Rosa and Santa Maria Avenues -- develop them.

Oceans of dollars

I returned from the Fog Fest impressed with the oceans of dollars still being spent to push Measure L past the people of Pacifica. It is like the card club and Trammel Crow combined, both in money spent and in the degree of cynicism. The technique is one used extensively by our current presidential administration. When caught in a lie they don't blink, they don't blush, they come up with another lie and make sure that their new lie gets better airing than the fact that they got caught in the old lie. Every member of the Bush Administration has been caught lying to the public, not once but many times, and yet the "Liberal Media" (owned primarily by wealthy Republicans) avoids asking them hard questions, attends every photo op, hangs on their every word and trots out their news releases unchecked and verbatim.....but I digress....

An open letter to R. Donahue Peebles

Hello Mr. Peebles;

I am not one to carry placards, nor one to promenade with dissidents in order to exhibit my displeasures. Nor do I disguise myself cloaked in anomalous prejudices; that is why I felt myself qualified to write you. You see Mr. Peebles I moved here to Pacifica forty years ago from San Francisco; I am a fourth generation San Franciscan, and proud of my heritage as a native.

Absolute Power

"In November you are being asked to vote simply to allow the city and the community to evaluate our concept - that?s it." (R. D. Peebles in a letter to the community, 8-10-06)


Mr. Peebles claims that he can build in the Quarry a viable luxury hotel targeting corporate events. I don't doubt his expertise in the hotel business. Neither should he doubt mine: I am his customer.

The Carrot and the Stick

What contempt Mr. Peebles and the other developers must have for our town and its people! They continue to work us with a carrot and stick approach. The carrot isn't real and neither is the stick. We get glossy direct mails, phone messages and his staff of timeshare salesmen conducting phony town meetings, which he calls "Charettes" for some reason. They insist that filling the area between Nick's and Valley Mar with condos is going to make the town rich. The argument runs, "If you increase the number of housing units then you increase the tax base and so you get the town out of debt". It's hogwash. They are trying to bribe us with promissory notes that they don't have to pay. They are saying that if we let them line their pockets by building and selling a whole new neighborhood, then we will get a bone from increased property taxes. They don't say that we also have to pay increased city services as well. The new neighborhood will need lots more police and fire coverage, there will be three hundred- odd more kids in our schools and that many more cars in our morning rush hour.

Analyzing Measure L

I have been thinking about measure L for some time and the answer for me is NO. But I do not think the implications of traffic, view and jobs are covered. For example, I live at Land's End and I take my cats to Pacifica Pet for their care. To do this I must go south on Highway 1, cut through the KFC just prior to the Rockaway Beach intersection, come to the cross street, wait for the light and go back north on Highway 1. There are plenty of small business that exist on the same stretch of road all of which people who live on the north end of Pacifica will be required to make this maneuver each time they wish to visit one of these businesses - including my vet.

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