Letters to the Editor

In Defense of Pacifica

Is there anything you pro-quarry development people like about your city of Pacifica? Mr. Peebles and the pro peebs corp. seem to be very condescending about our city at most of these meetings and with the letters you write in. I have attended all the so-called Charrettes and meetings and there are many insulting things being said about our city. One of the things that has been said time and time again is hardly no one even knows where Pacifica is; people just drive through here on the way to the better cities (that is an untrue statement by the way a lot people come here and spend money and time here) like Half Moon Bay and they stay at the so-called better hotels like the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton.

Sierra Club Says "NO" to Measure L

Dear Editor: [of the Pacifica Tribune]

Thank you for publishing Larry Nordgren's letter and for the opportunity to respond. Mr. Nordgren writes that he supports the giant housing, commercial, retail, hotel and convention center project proposed for the Pacifica quarry by Florida high-rise developer Don Peebles and suggests that Sierra Club should as well.

It's not a lesser of two evils

Sadly, it is a longstanding tradition in this country for the electorate to begrudgingly apply "the lesser of two evils" strategy when casting its vote either for candidates or on important issues. In his recent letter to Pacifica residents Don Peebles is relying heavily on this regrettable convention. What he fails to realize when demonizing chain developments like Wal-Mart is that his ilk too is a controversial and often deservedly disdained euphemism. His letter truly could not be more misleading, manipulative and one-sided. And in his attempt to veil his true intentions and objectives he quite clearly reveals that his interest is purely economics such as when he indicates that while the Quarry remains "vacant" it "generates no benefits for the community". To the contrary, I, along with many who enjoy that open space for a variety of reasons feel the Quarry to be a benefit simply because it is "vacant" or more suitably stated natural and undeveloped open space. I would caution Pacifica voters to think long and hard about Mr. Peeble's deceptive proposition. I was born and raised in an area of California once known for its orange groves and open space. Drive through the heart of Orange County CA today and the only open space you will find is in a parking lot that supports and endless stream of commercialized development. The notion of developing Rockaway Quarry is not something that simply either equates to traffic concerns or economic benefits. This issue is about a veteran developer thinking he can do what no one has succeeded in doing before him; developing an area of Pacifica that he sees as defenseless and a formidable money maker. Not only does his plan deserve to be declined by Pacifica voters, through their vote those same voters should designate the quarry once and for all an area that will never be developed so that it may remain a sanctuary and a symbol of Pacifica's appreciation and respect for the natural setting that makes it unique among Peninsula communities.
Dana Brenner

Hotel California

I must take gentle issue with my friend Gil Anda on two points in his last letter. He suggests calredevelop.org as a source for information regarding redevelopment, and I agree that much is available from that source, including a link to the body of law that governs California Community Redevelopment. However, to suggest that they are not an advocacy group, i.e., "they don't have any agenda," is wishful thinking. The CRA web site states: "...California Redevelopment Association is comprised of over 340 Redevelopment Agencies and 260 private sector companies such as financial institutions, redevelopment consultants, developers and law firms..." This is not an impartial source of non-partisan analysis.

Peeble Beach

South Florida developer Roy Donahue Peebles has said on several public occasions and in print that his "vision" for "the future of Pacifica" is Pebble Beach.

Pebble Beach has no City Council, no representatives, and no democracy. Pebble Beach is a private corporation. It has no public government at all; it is a wholly-owned private fiefdom. Pebble Beach has no citizens, only homeowner's association members and employees.

Spare the Air

It is no secret that we have better air than our smog-filled neighbors to the north and east. However, it is a misconception that smog doesn't exist here on the coast. The main ingredient in smog is Nitrogen Oxide. These toxic gases are released mostly from the fuel-burning engines in cars and trucks. I've read that 17,500 additional car trips a day will be added from the Peebles Corporation proposal. Does this number include the massive number of delivery trucks for the hotel and all of those stores or is this just the total result from the 355 housing units? The more that traffic clogs our roads and highways the worse our air will be.

Veiled Threats

Mr. Peebles' recent column in the Pacifica Tribune conveyed a veiled threat to Pacifica voters: Approve his proposed project of 355 residences and 500,000 square feet of commercial space or he will build our worst nightmare, a big box store or industrial/manufacturing center.

So Silly

It is so silly that some people (and thankfully, it seems to be a small percentage of them) do not seem to want the truth. The pro Peebles people seem to say, "let's welcome anyone to our city with any plans that sound good; and here is the key to our city". As responsible citizens, we need to do our homework and research, then try to figure out the truth.

Suburban Myth

There's a very interesting story going 'round town:

"...Pacificans heavily disputed what was known as "the Big Cut," which would have allowed an extension of Interstate 380 west of Highway 1." (Pacifica Tribune- Dorsetta Hale 6-21-06)

The truth is simple

I was disappointed by the tone of some of last weeks' Letters supporting up to 355 houses in the Quarry.

This isn't a battle of Pacificans vs. Pacificans. The enemy is the unacceptably vague ballot measure and the 355 houses and traffic nightmare it would create.

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