Letters to the Editor

Traffic Solutions

We need to concentrate on our already available resources. We already have a town center this is Sharp Park, when you look at our city Sharp Park is pretty close to the center. Is this not why our town hall plus one of the two libraries that we have is there as well as our Fog Fest?

Beware Fool's Gold

Beware of fool's gold! Florida developer Don Peebles is frantically trying to woo voters into supporting his huge 355-housing unit project. He is darting from group to group in our community promising all sorts of goodies -- anything that will get their support and votes.

Quarry Concerns

My two concerns about the Peebles plan for the Quarry are 1) the number of housing units and 2) the nature of the retail stores proposed. I checked both the web sites of R. Donahue Peebles and Andres Duany and neither contained retail store specifics. I emailed Mr. Peebles about six weeks ago and received no response.

No to Quarry Housing

I have lived in Pacifica for many years. I have walked through the Quarry many, many times noticing the San Francisco Garter Snake, hearing the frogs, seeing the Red Foxes and recently on the top of the trail looking down at Linda Mar Beach I saw a coyote. I have recently talked to people from other areas and coutnries who also feel like the Quarry is a beautiful area.

Outrageous Paid Signature-Gatherers

During the recent petition drive for the Quarry housing ballot initiative, on two separate occasions, two different signature gatherers came to my house. The first one, I talked with directly and said No, I didn't want to sign my name to add 355 houses to the Quarry. The NEXT DAY, while I was at work, another signature gatherer came to my house and talked with my very ill husband.

Community and Development

Mr. Peebles, the Florida-based developer who bought the quarry property west of Reina del Mar, held a public meeting on Saturday, July 8th. The dozens of attendees listened to Mr. Peebles' presentation, most of which was a restatement of his plan announced in June to develop 40 acres of the parcel with 355 housing units together with variety of retail and commercial including a 350-room luxury hotel. Those present asked questions and expressed views about the merits of the plan and the initiative, which Mr. Peebles has launched to change the zoning on the parcel to permit housing. Many of those attending the meeting conveyed enthusiasm about the presentation; others expressed deep concern. These views are all heartfelt ones based on sincere beliefs and visions for the future. Although there is understandable passion about the outcome of Mr. Peebles' proposal, the most distressing aspect of the meeting was the recurrence of the hostility that surfaced during the last quarry development effort. Whether we agree or disagree, the views are beliefs of our neighbors, of people who live in our town and who will live in this town, whatever the outcome of the vote in November. I think that we should try to remember that that in the zeal to win approval for a project a casualty can be community accord and civility. We don't have to give in to the tendency to see our neighbors as "wrong" or "foolish," if we disagree about this project. We can remember, "This is my neighbor. He wants what he thinks will help this town. She wants to enjoy her vision of Pacifica." I know it is tempting to adopt the tone of former campaigns, but none of us needs additional anger. I am trying my best to remember the good intentions of those I disagree with, because in the end what matters most is the community of good-hearted people who make up Pacifica.

No Way to Gain Community Trust

On Tuesday, June 6th, The Mercury News ran an article about the quarry development ("Developer eyes Bay Area for East Coast luxury"). It stated: "Peebles said he plans to gather signatures to place the proposal on the November ballot. The initiative calls for creating a town center with a town hall, a library, 385,000 square feet of commercial enterprises, a public promenade to the ocean, and 40 acres of open space".

There's No Plan

Mr. Peebles can promise you anything imaginable if that is what it takes to win your vote. The fact of the matter is that there is NO PLAN! The only thing we will be voting on is 355 Housing units. The Peebles Corporation will have no obligation to propose a mixed use project nor fulfill his promises to you. Also, there is nothing that would prevent this corporation from proposing a plan with 355 single detached houses if this measure passes. Why would anyone vote in this blank check without a plan in place to ensure we are guaranteeed what we are promised and deserve?!

An open letter to Mr. Peebles

I received your letter this past week and I was astounded by it. Evidently you wrote to me in response to one of my recent letters in the Pacifica Tribune. How you could perceive either of my letters as support for your proposed project or the upcoming ballot measure is beyond me. Let me make this perfectly clear-- I do not support your proposal or a blanket change to allow housing in the Quarry.

Debunking the Highway Widening and "Town Center" claims

Lionel Emde debunks several common misconceptions about the Quarry. The full text of his Letter to the Editor published in the 7/5/2006 Pacifica Tribune is posted below with his express written permission. (The letter was a response to a Guest Column called "Goodbye Pacifica" by Julie Weismann.)

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